API Czar provides a next-generation platform to assist product managers, architects, business analysts, and API developers to document, design, and develop enterprise-grade APIs at the velocity of the cloud.

API Czar is unique in its ability to accelerate and streamline the whole Java/Node.js development life cycle while enforcing enterprise standards to deliver deployment packaging for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Lambda/API Gateway, Docker/Kubernetes, and Cloud Foundry.


Accelerates and streamlines the whole Java/Node.js development life cycle, from requirements to deployment.


Enables better collaboration by providing role-based profiles for analysts, product managers, architects, and developers.


Reduces API development from days to minutes, creating fully functioning APIs that adhere to enterprise standards.

API Czar

Design. Develop. Deploy.


Increasingly, enterprises are opening up their information assets across web, mobile, cloud, and service-oriented architecture (SOA) via API-based digital platforms.

Understanding the technical challenges behind building enterprise APIs can be overwhelming, and wanting to adopt a “serverless” paradigm makes it even more complex. Until now!


API Czar helps organizations stay ahead of the innovation curve by enabling architects and developers to leverage disruptive technologies like serverless for their API implementation.


API Czar provides an intuitive visual builder for building projects, resources, and APIs, as well as a platform for product managers and analysts to define API requirements through a guided and intuitive UI.


API Czar is compatible with OpenAPI (Swagger), AWS Lambda, IBM Apache OpenWhisk, Amazon API Gateway, IBM API Connect, Google Apigee, Docker, Kubernetes, and Cloud Foundry.


With a multitude of Lambda-ready templates, API Czar enables you to generate a Lambda function and configure API Gateway to match your enterprise’s business requirements.


API Czar generates Java/Node.js code as well as a CloudFormation template for AWS deployments. The code is then pushed to GitHub and GitLab, where developers have complete control.


API Czar offers packaging for deployment, support for cloud and microservices, and support for a multitude of management tools such as AWS API Gateway, IBM API Connect, and Google Apigee.

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We built API Czar to create APIs that focus on best practices, ensuring that everything produced with the program will be up-to-date with leading-industry trends

You can reliably determine if each API application generated will work from a functionality, scalability, and performance perspective by testing it against multiple data sets and values.

API Czar provides an accessible resource schema editor, which allows you to quickly create reusable resources. It also provides an easy way to immediately create additional attributes to further constrain results, view applicable code, and generate test data—all within one convenient window.

In one click, you can immediately generate OpenAPI Swagger documentation, dramatically speeding up your development process.

Avoid wasting time on last minute fixes and hasty integrations. API Czar supports and enables your project teams to run efficient testing, make revisions, and loop through multiple cycles of changes before integrating APIs with backend systems.

Rest easy knowing what you produce will be compatible with market-leading technologies. API Czar produces completely open artifacts designed to work seamlessly with platforms such as Swagger (OpenAPI) 2.0, AWS Lambda, Amazon API Gateway, IBM API Connect, Google Apigee, Docker, Kubernetes, and Cloud Foundry.

Give your developers complete control of generated code by pushing it to GitHub and GitLab directly from API Czar after the build process. You can also utilize the option to quickly generate Java/Node code, as well as a CloudFormation template for AWS deployments.

Today, there are a plethora of various Lambda function templates. With API Czar, you can easily create and configure your functions and API gateways in accordance with your enterprise’s business requirements. 

Quickly and easily gather everything needed for your DevOps teams:  

  • Immediately generate packaging for deployment
  • Supported functionality for cloud and microservices, as well as a multitude of leading API Management tools such as AWS API Gateway, IBM API Connect, and Google Apigee

The intuitive visual builder within API Czar creates a platform that any user can access, regardless of their development expertise. This inclusive environment and guided UI provide a way for product managers and business analysts to define API requirements quickly and for developers to easily translate.

The learning curve of new architectures such as Serverless API implementation is a barrier for many companies. API Czar helps organizations to stay ahead of the innovation curve by enabling architects and developers to leverage these disruptive technologies without the traditionally massive time and resource commitment.

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